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Founded in 2018, Pyhash started out as a digital asset management institution providing after market support and treasury management solutions to token issuers, institutions, investors, and mining operations in the blockchain ecosystem.

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Pyhash leverages best-in-class trade execution, infrastructure, and market insights to provide lifetime value-add to clients across a broad spectrum of needs.

Overview of Services

Designated Liquidity Provision

Provide deep two-way liquidity (bids & offers) and tight spreads to encourage trade activity and ensure buyers and sellers can trade at efficient prices.

Asset Management

Engage in a variety of discretionary and algorithmic trading strategies to grow AUM on behalf of clientele.

Over-The-Counter Trade

Trading solution to allow large buyers and sellers of liquid crypto assets to trade with convenience, efficiency, and security at a fair price.

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Pyhash LLC, 256 Chapman Road STE 105-4, Newark, Delaware, 19702, United States